Mastering your salon finances

with Hellen Ward

Mystified by money matters? Fiscally frustrated? Can’t get a grip of the costs? Baffled by the accountancy-speak?​

Hellen will help you ensure your salon finances don’t get the better of you with this unique insiders guide ​to mastering all things salon money.​

Hellen is undoubtedly the industry’s go-to business guru. She’ll take you through a 3 course programme aimed ​at helping you to master your salon’s profitability.

Sharing her tried and tested systems and ensuring you​understand the industry-specific benchmarks, Hellen gives you the ultimate ‘knowledge is power’ education,
​all delivered in straight-talking hairdresser-speak.
Forget the fiscal pyschobabble, Hellen’s expertise is straight from ​her 35 years of salon management and grass roots experience.

​Over 3 modules Hellen does a deep-dive into the key elements which lead to salon profitabiliy, all with the aim ​of leaving you feeling firmly in control of the numbers,
delivering you with a greater understanding of your ​salon’s profitability and helping you to steer your salon ship through these troubled economic times with ​renewed confidence and optimisim.


Live Seminar



Start Time: 10:00 AM
Finishing Time: 3:00 PM


Price / Investment




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