Creative Texture

Gives any hairstyle a cool, new texture. From shiny sleek to rough and disheveled looks.




What It Is

Texturizing Mineral Spray

Hold Factor

hold factor 4

Why I Need It

For tousled styles and a disheveled look. Creates casually bundled waves, adds body and gives hair a touchable grippy texture with matte effect.

Hair Length

Short, Medium, Long

Hair Structure

Fine, Normal, Coarse

Hair Type

Straight, Wavy, Curly

How to Use

Spray into towel-dried or dry hair.

towel dried

dry hair


FlexPROtec complex provides color & heat protection and contains UV-filters

Key Ingredients

 - Product-specific styling polymers for quick & easy styling

- Bamboo proteins help to keep the style natural & flexible

- Unique elastomer paired with UV filter protects the hair from premature color fade, damaging effects of heat styling and UV light


Floral & fizzy - with lime, grapefruit, mandarin and blackcurrant notes.

Unique Selling Points

Versatile Texturizing Mineral Spray that creates loose beach waves or gives a grippy texture to any hair and style.

Stylist Tips

Spray onto towel-dried or dry hair and let dry. For more intense wave patterns, spray onto towel-dried or dry hair, work streak for streak to create little knots and use a blow dryer to dry out. Open the knots and tousle for a beachy, wavy look. You can also use it as a blow dry spray for short to shoulder-length hair to enhance grip.


Spray, 200ml

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