Scalp Specialist

Thickening for thinning hair.


Anti-Hair Loss Serum

ds scalp specialist assortment anti hair loss serum

Hair/Scalp Type

For thinning hair.

How to Use

1. Put the applicator onto the bottle.

2. Apply the whole content of the bottle directly onto the scalp and distribute evenly section by section.

3. Gently massage into the scalp. Do not rinse.

4. Rinse the applicator with water after usage.


MicroPROtec Complex: distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly and protects from color-fade-out.

Key Ingredients

With t-Flavanone: Supports the hair anchorage in the scalp, while helping to stimulate and strengthen the hair.


Fresh accentes of grapefruit and mint leaves in harmony with a mild bouquet of violet and rose, balanced with a woody base note.

Ideal For

The Anti-Hair Loss Serum is ideal for thinning hair as it instantly thickens the hair fiber and supports the anchoring of the hair in the scalp.

Stylist Tips

For an intensive treatment: Apply one bottle per day. For a subsequent treatment: Use one bottle per week in combination with a daily usage of the Anti-Hair Loss Spray.


8 x 6ml, Single Portions

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