Creative Texture

Gives any hairstyle a cool, new texture. From shiny sleek to rough and disheveled looks.




What It Is

Modelling Paste

Hold Factor

hold factor 3

Why I Need It

For sculpting unstructured, natural looks that can be restyled any time.

Hair Length

Short, Medium, Long

Hair Structure

Normal, Coarse

Hair Type

Straight, Wavy, Curly

How to Use

Work into dry hair.

dry hair


FlexPROtec complex provides color & heat protection and contains UV-filters

Key Ingredients

 - Product-specific styling polymers for quick & easy styling

- Bamboo proteins help to keep the style natural & flexible

- Unique elastomer paired with UV filter protects the hair from premature color fade, damaging effects of heat styling and UV light


Musky & woody - with grapefruit and apple notes

Unique Selling Points

Easy-to-use, can't-go-wrong modelling paste for natural looks with medium hold.

Stylist Tips

Great for short hair styles and male clients for a natural style.


Paste, 100ml

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