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Let your creativity run wild.

Every head of hair is a blank canvas. Every client is a new opportunity to practice your art. From conservative to creative, every color, cut and style you do manifest your creativity and talent. 

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World-class education starts with world-class Artists & Educators.

Education. It’s all about People. Be trained by Artists & Educators that belong to the best in the World. Who understand, inspire and motivate. Who are open and excellent stylists. Learn from them and you will be like them.

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Useful product information.

Get in touch with educational product information, professional application and facts how to approach the clients.

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Explanation of all ingredients.

The ingredients glossary helps you when you are not familiar with special terms and chemical descriptions.

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Five steps to perfection.

A unique and holistic service concept that simplifies stylists‘ daily work routine: the Goldwell Service Cycle. It structures every service – from consultation in the salon to maintanance at home – into five simple and clear steps.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about hair

If you're ready to learn, we are ready to teach. If you have questions, get the answers. Find out what's happening inside hair from before we even have hair, and you'll learn that hair science can be exciting, entertaining and very sexy.

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