About Color Zoom

Welcome to the haute couture of hairstyling

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Amazing fashion meets stunning hairdressing artistry – that’s Color Zoom.
At its heart there’s the Color Zoom Collection.
Designed by the Global Winners of the Color Zoom Challenge together with two of Goldwell’s International Artists it inspires stylists to push the limits of their creativity.

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The highlight is our annual Global Zoom Event. Hair stylists from all over
the world come together for the finale of the Color Zoom Challenge and the
presentation of the new Color Zoom Collection. The ultimate Goldwell
Hair Color experience. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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You could be the next global Creative Star.

Bring your unique creativity, ideas and passion on stage. This is your platform to shine and to get recognized. The Color Zoom Challenge is one of the biggest Live-Competitions for Hairstylists. Take the challenge, become the next global Creative Star.

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