Curly Twist

Elasticity for curly hair.


Hydrating Conditioner

conditioner 200ml ct originalsize cutout

Hair/Scalp Type

For naturally wavy, curly and permed hair.

How to Use

Work through wet hair and rinse thoroughly.


MicroPROtec Complex: distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly and protects from color-fade-out.

Key Ingredients

With Milk-Protein: Helps to improve elasticity with bouncing effect, for hydrated and reactivated curls.


A dynamic scent with mandarine and blackcurrant in the top well rounded with jasmine and precious rose, based on warm vetiver and patchouli.

Ideal For

The Hydrating Conditioner is ideal for naturally wavy, curly and permed hair as it instantly hydrates, defines, detangles and provides elasticity.

Stylist Tips

To support bundling & bounciness when using Curly Twist, dry the hair as gently as possible and reduce touching to avoid frizzinness.


Bottle: 200ml, 300ml, 1000ml

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