Scalp Specialist

Soothing for sensitive scalp.


Sensitive Soothing Lotion

ds scalp specialist assortment sensitive soothing lotion

Hair/Scalp Type

For sensitive scalp.

How to Use

Apply to scalp and massage in gently. Leave in.


MicroPROtec Complex: distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly and protects from color-fade-out.

Key Ingredients

With Lime-Tree Blossom Extract: Helps to soothe the scalp. Reduces irritations.


Fresh accentes of grapefruit and mint leaves in harmony with a mild bouquet of violet and rose, balanced with a woody base note.

Ideal For

The Sensitive Soothing Lotion is ideal for sensitive scalp as it instantly soothes and conditions sensitive scalps.

Stylist Tips

Use the Soothing Lotion Serum after chemical services as it reduces irritations and relieves tension.


Bottle: 150ml

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