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"Kao Salon Experience is an experiential evolution of the former Global Zoom Event.
It´s desired to show the full scope of what Kao Salon brings to salons, stylists and their clients.
From inspiration and artistry to innovtaion and salon programs, the event will showcase everything
that Kao Salon offers to our salon partners world wide

John Moroney
Kao Salon Vice President
Creative & Communication

Kao Salon Global Creative Award


Experience all that Amsterdam has to offer: history, culture, diversity and, most of all, excitement.
The 17th century capital of the Netherlands is ready and waiting for the Kao Salon family to experience its spirit and energy.
2 – 3 OCTOBER 2022

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the event

Kao Salon Division is going to invite 3,000 stylists from all over the world to the Kao Salon Global Experience. An event which is more than a hairshow, it is an unforgettable celebration of Creativity, Culture and Community.
Most importantly it´s about the experience of the Kao Salon Community - it´s like coming home to the coolest family reunion ever!

Experience our creativity

Eyery type of creativity is waiting for you here - from the contemporary color and style of Goldwell, to the street style craftsmanship of KMS and the chic, editorial styling of Oribe - no one has more creativit than the Kao Salon Division, inspired by the best artists in the business!

Experience our culture

Innovation, imagination and integrity are everywhere you look at Kao Salon. They are the drivers of our culture and how we do business everyday. Join us to meet our award-winning Research and Development team, learn about our efforts in environmental and sustainability issues and of course, the collective imagination of the entire Kao Salon family. We don´t just celebrate our products, we celebrate everything, especially our people!

Experience our community

Attending a Kao Salon event is like coming home to a family reunion – if your family was made up of the coolest, most creative people in the industry. It’s a place to
meet up with like-minded artists and create friendships for life. We are not just a family, we’re a family that loves to celebrate!

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Global Creative Awards

Global creative awards

Enter the Global Creative Awards – a whole new global competition to showcase the unlimited creativity.


For further information please contact your Goldwell representative.

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