According to the European Cosmetic Directive an expiration date is not required for Goldwell hair color products as these products are stable for more than 30 months.

We also don’t need to label a PAO symbol (Period After Opening - the open jar which is accompanied by the lifespan - after the first opening - of the product in months), because there is no risk of deterioration of the formula.

The labelling of the PAO symbol seems not to be relevant when there is:

no physical opening of the product (aerosol cans)

single use products

no risk of harm to the consumer

This procedure is accepted by the EU Commission. That means for many products like hair color, a PAO labelling is not required. Some shampoos, conditioners and some styling products need to have a PAO labelling.

lifespan products 01

As with all our products and as per Cosmetic Rights, the lifespan is:

30 months when unopened

12 months when open

It also needs to be considered that the lifespan of products depends on correct storage. Too hot or too cool conditions can shorten the lifespan.

Learn more about Chemical Backgrounds here.

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