Different ethnic heritages can also be seen in different hair structures. The following data’s can be seen as an average and general information as the properties might vary between the individuals.

Caucasian hair is oval. Its natural color ranges from light blonde to dark brown, with shapes that can be straight, curly or wavy. It has an average diameter of 0,07 mm.

Caucasian Scandinavian hair is oval and very light blond with an average diameter of 0,07mm.

Asian hair is round with a color range of dark brown to black. It is mostly straight or slightly wavy with an average diameter of 0.09 mm.

African hair is shaped like a band. It is very kinky, dark brown to black in color with a diameter of 0,09mm.

Latin hair is oval to round, dark brown to black and can be straight or wavy. It has an average diameter of 0,07mm.

Caucasian and Latino cross-sections of hair look similar, whereas cross-section of Asian and African hair looks very different.

Comparison of structural differences in the lifespan

The outer cuticle of untreated Caucasian, Asian and Latino hair looks very similar, even with regard to structure and damage. Untreated African hair in comparison is rougher, twisted and uneven in its natural state. It is also more damaged at the tip, making it highly fragile.

These facts are important to consider for multi-cultural salons, especially when dealing with different ethnic hair types.

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