GLOBAL Creative Awards

Let your ideas shine:​
Enter the Global Creative Awards. 

Three things separate a true creative artist from a dreamer:​
Extraordinarily creative ideas, the ability to bring them to life, and doing it so well that it inspires others to reach for greatness too. 
And you’re a true artist.​ Everything you do shows this.​
You see the world as an opportunity. We get that. And now we want to celebrate that.​ We invite you to share your work with us and the world.​
You have the talent, we have the stage for you. Choose your playground.

Technical categories​

Creativity starts with a photo shoot and ends with a live technical competition.​ For years, the Color Zoom Challenge has inspired thousands of stylists to compete – and now ​it continues in an exciting new way. Compete first at the national level in your country.​ Gold winners move on to the international live competition.​

Editorial categories

Four exciting categories of photo-only global competition that celebrate the ​ultimate in editorial creativity. The more creative, the better!​
Compete globally in this photo-only international competition​.


Technical Category (1 image)

Art direction and coaching will be led by a guest artist.


Editorial Category (3 images)

Art direction and coaching will be led by a guest artist.

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