Summer Haircare Essentials

14th of June 2024, Written by Nicholas Fletcher-Holmes

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As a colorist I often get asked by clients, “should I get my colour done before or after my holiday?”.
The perception is that getting your hair coloured before a week in the sun, is a waste of time and money as the sun damage will ruin all that hard work in the salon chair. Here's how to turn those summer hair concerns into flawless summer hair moments for your clients:
Pre-Vacation Hair Color: The MVP of Summer Hair
Forget the myths! Getting a fresh color before a trip is a total win.
Who wants to go on holiday with awful hair?
Holidays are the time for getting glammed up, feeling your best and for taking endless photos for your socials, so why on earth would your clients not want their hair looking great for that?
 Keep your clients' hair colour vibrant throughout their vacay, by following your aftercare advice

Summer Hair Care Must-Haves: Introducing Goldwell's SUN REFLECTS

Education is key! Introduce your clients to their summer hair BFF: the SUN REFLECTS range by Goldwell. This complete after-sun and protection system is a total game-changer. Think UV protection, moisture boost, and color vibrancy all in one. Boom!

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Here's the SUN REFLECTS lowdown:

  • AFTER SUN SHAMPOO: This gentle shampoo ditches sun, chlorine, and salt build-up, leaving hair instantly refreshed and ready to rock.
  • AFTER SUN 60SEC TREATMENT: Deep conditioning in a flash! This formula (with the magic ingredient Panthenol) fights dryness and keeps hair perfectly balanced, even after those beachy days. A minute is all it takes for irresistibly soft and manageable locks.
  • UV PROTECT SPRAY: This lightweight spray is a must-have for continuous protection. The innovative MicroPROtec Complex distributes care ingredients evenly while shielding color from those pesky UV rays. Bonus: It even protects against heat styling for those who can't resist a touch of summer glam.

Bonus Tips for Summer Hair Goals

  • Hold the dramatic color changes and high-maintenance cuts pre-vacation. Encourage clients to embrace their natural texture for a relaxed, "beachy wave" look.
  • Hats and protective styles (buns, braids) are your friends! Minimize sun exposure to keep hair color looking fresh.
  • Pre-swim hair drench! Before diving in for a swim, drench your hair with fresh water, simply jump in the shower or grab a bottle of water from your beach bag. The trick here is that if your hair is already wet, it’s much less absorbent, so less likely to soak up all that salt water or chlorine.
  • Hydration is key! Healthy hair starts from the inside out. So plenty of fluids and with that I mean water and not a Pina Colada.
  • Protect your scalp! Yes, your scalp can get sunburn too and trust me you don’t want sunburn there, recommend for your clients to use an aerosol SPF on their scalp for maximum protection. 
By following these tips and recommending the Goldwell SUN REFLECTS range, your clients can conquer summer with gorgeous, healthy hair. Don't forget to remind them about post-vacation treatments to revive their locks and maintain that summer shine. 
Maybe a post-holiday BondPro+ treatment or one of our Dual Senses Rich Repair treatment serums, they are an absolute game changer! 

Remember, you're the hair care expert! Empower your clients with the knowledge and products they need for confident summer hair. Now go forth and conquer those summer hair woes!

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