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Goldwell Global Master, Canada

Global Master Team Member, Rodica Hristu, began cutting her mother’s hair in her native Romania when she was nine years old. She soon established a substantial neighborhood clientele before she was ten. As an adult, she had to put her talents aside and went to study both chemistry and accounting at the university level. “It was a different environment in Europe. Getting a degree was more important,” she says. She did continue to read cosmetology books and magazines, anything about hair coloring. Upon settling in Toronto, Canada, however, Rodica threw the calculator aside and once again picked up the shears. “When I came to Canada, I thought ‘This is it.’ I hated accounting. I was never a numbers person. I thought, ‘New country, new life…” Rodica attended cosmetology school in Toronto. Upon graduation, she was asked if she was interested in being a trainer.
“There I was, newly immigrated and barely speaking English and I was asked to be an educator. It was the ultimate compliment for me.” Rodica began as a Goldwell Technical Associate (GTA) and went on to develop her own programs for the Academy. “I’m really good at designing. I just love doing it and it comes naturally for me.”
After attending a few shows, she was asked to perform on platform and became a Guest Artist for the company. Rodica has twice been a finalist for the coveted Contessa Awards, and she has been featured in “Salon Magazine” and “Canadian Hairdresser Magazine,” among many other trade publications internationally. 

’I’m a perfectionist and I love to teach. It gives me such a satisfaction. I want to give it all. I have no secrets. I just share everything I know, with no reservations’.


National winner of Trend Zoom Color Award Partner Category – 2007
National winner of Trend Zoom Color Award Partner Category - 2008
2009 Contessa Finalist Makeover Colorist 
2012 Contessa Finalist Master Colorist

Area of Expertise

Rodica is the true color expert who stylists look to for real salon friendly, time efficient color service ideas. Rodica has been requested in many countries Globally again and again for her ‘real’ approach to fellow stylists and to hair color.

Next trainer & educator: Agnes Westerman

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