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In May, Kao formally welcomed Glen Goldbaum and his team at Lambs & Wolves Salon to the Goldwell color family. Glen has been in the industry for 40 years working at elite salons with high-profile stylists and clientele, and he is always in pursuit of his next creative challenge. In fact, transformation and reinvention are what Lambs & Wolves is all about; and it’s a place with  many moods and faces. For example, the entire salon doubles as an art gallery, and in every interior space clients can have a different experiences. For the wolf in you, there’s a studio area that’s dark and dramatic. Or if you’re feeling like a lamb, there’s a space that’s all light and luxury. There’s also a secluded creative haven called ‘The Den’ for makeup services and private gatherings. In keeping with the untamed vibe of his business, Glen’s decision to convert Lambs & Wolves to a Goldwell salon really came down to instinct. “They say don’t fix what isn’t broken, and we were hitting great numbers, but I could sense we needed a change,” he recalls. “We weren’t getting the level of service or support we once had from our old vendor, and when I started talking to other Goldwell salon owners, I realized all that we were missing.” 

The seed for Glen was planted at Color Zoom in Toronto, which he attended as a guest of Oribe’s president Daniel Kaner. “I’m not a color guy, I’m a haircutter, so I was just kind of taking in Color Zoom for the experience,” says Glen. “But again and again during the event, I met Goldwell owners who were so passionate about the partnership–and a light went on.” 

Glen knew that the change would be a big step, and he included his entire team in the decision-making. Once they launched, they hit it out of the park, increasing sales 12% year-over-year after just three months, and everyone has taken ownership of the Goldwell color brand. 

Glen’s stylists have taken classes at the New York Academy and from guest artists at the salon. Four have already become Goldwell Master Colorists). And his managers have received on-site business education to help energize growth. 

“We are delighted to be working with Glen and his incredible creative team at Lambs & Wolves,” says Scott Guinter, General Manager, Kao USA Salon Division. “Given the success they are already seeing with Goldwell support and products, I think the sky’s the limit.” 

To make the transition smooth for clients, Glen has been working with his Goldwell rep to develop some enticing promotions. They ran a very successful summer upgrade menu and are about to launch a ‘Post-Summer Hydrating Menu’ for fall.  They also hosted a wine and cheese party to formally introduce the new color line to clients. 

“Choosing to partner with Goldwell really came down to education and service,” notes Glen. “I already had a top-level team and a great clientele, but we simply weren’t getting the support and opportunities we expect. With Goldwell that has all changed, and I would never go back.” 

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