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Sharon Blain Powered by Goldwell at the Intercoiffure Atelier

Sharon and Goldwell crafted a story built to the theme of Artesian Odyssey. Within this collection Sharon presented a beautiful Pastel Color story showcasing the Goldwell Paster Collection. The models wore beautiful hand-crafted paper dresses highlighted by stunning color, intricate macrame knotted hair pieces were placed for stunning detail. Each piece, all innovative, took 3 hours to create, and endless hours to perfect with the help of a very dedicated team, all very organized and working as one under great time pressure for so much detailed meticulous work.

Sharon Blain was inspired by classic fashion from the 50s for one of the segments, a new look then which has come a full circle to 2017. Fashion styled by Rod Novoa to perfection completes this fun throw back with a modern flare.

Another theme for Sharon Blain's hair was Architecture fashion. The hair is architectural, as is the dress, the shoes and the make-up to complete the look. Strips of glossy hair going this way and that way with a modern feel by Sharon Blain.

In the finale Sharon creates two amazing looks with a Golden girl look from head to toe and a macrame crap with hair pieces added for a stunning look from head to toe.

Old school techniques, a lot of different techniques have been brought to light to get these amazing looks together. Stylist skills are key, Blain insisted, before anyone can really achieve successful creativity anywhere near this level.


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